1. Arkhitekton

The professional designer works manager also known as an architect. Apollodorus is a Greek architect and builder from Damascus.

2. Renovatio

Assumed to mean regeneration, reconstruction, reconstruction, or repair. This is my favorite Latin word that I learned from the film ‘The Island’ (Nice Movie). If you don’t know the song, you probably have heard the soundtrack on other films too

3. Fresco 

Wet acrylic paint. The fresco was a process in which wet plaster paint was applied. This technique was extremely durable when properly done and was widely used during the Renaissance period.

4. Odeion 

Construction for the artistic competitions.

5. Caryatid 

A sculptured female figure, known as a column, that serves as architectural support. The caryatid ‘s later male counterpart is termed a telamon.

6. Agora 

An open “assembly place” in the ancient city-states of Greece.

7. Mosaic 

The art of creating images of small colored glass pieces, of stone. or other materials. The Alexander Mosaic is a Roman floor mosaic originally from the House of the Faun in Pompeii, dated from about 100 BC.

8. Domus

Type of house occupied by the wealthy and upper classes.

9. Arcus

It’s an arcade, a succession of arches, the Latin word ‘bow.’

10. Oculis

A hole over the ceiling. In contrast, Oculus means ‘an eye’ in Latin.