1: Forget about Winning or Losing

Remember that winning or losing is not that important in your architecture student life. Being in an exciting field you need to understand that the process involved in achieving your design up to your satisfaction that plays a vital role.

2: Your tutor is your client

In the architecture school, you work on your assignments under the guidance of your tutor. So, before entering into the practical field you will have to consider your tutor as your client and try to convince and provide proper justification to your tutor. So, you will face your client in the future in a better way without any ramifications.

3: Play the Momentum

Great leaders say that to achieve something you need to balance your life and play the momentum. In a similar way, it should be followed in the process of design, or else it allows you to create mundane work such as over-night designs. That is why being aware of the students your tutors seek the weekly progress of your assignment to get quality work.

4: Break the Rules

It is obvious to follow the brief which was handed by your tutor and you are always welcome to break the rules unless you provide a proper justification to it. Sometimes breaking the rules tends you to explore more and allows you to gain more knowledge regarding your design.

5: Have broad influences and mentors

The knowledge you seek in the school through your tutors or any book is not enough to sustain in an Architecture career. It is important to have more contacts and mentors who are involved in the practical field. They act as the influencers for you to acquire a new broader perspective which would be applied in your acquaintance.

6: Have cause and conviction

Every student in Architecture has a passion to follow. Just make sure you are doing your job to your level and not doing for the sake of need to do. This attitude of doing work gives you the confidence to achieve your design with enough justification and quality.

7: Up-skill

One should develop the skill in presenting your ideas and through good software skills allow you to communicate your idea well to your viewers or tutors. This helps you to cultivate an attitude and ability to sell any product of yours to the client.

Hand with marker writing, Skill concept. White background.

8: Build meaningful relationships

The relationships you built allows you to explore the outside world and takes you to the places which are not possible to achieve alone. So, it is important to maintain professional relationships in and out of the schools.

9: Learn project management

As an Architect, it is not only important to design but must know how it is going to be implemented on the site such as time and money of the project so on. So, as an architecture student, it is necessary to learn project management in student life for better management.

Presentation of project management processes such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing with icons and a manager touching virtual screen

10: Don’t expect the outcome

Never limit your project by anticipating certain aspects of design outcomes. This makes you stop your mind to discover more opportunities in your design. Sometimes you will surprise to see your results after implementing your new thoughts in your design. Actually, Idiosyncratic work is far better than any mark, trust it!