Atlas in the Kitchen!

Open kitchens intermingle beautifully with the living environment when coordinated materials link the areas that form a visually organized cluster. The trend is to use marble and natural materials throughout, including the cabinets, worktops, floor, right through to the living area. The current trend is to have a flowing architecture, where spaces for living, cooking and enjoying food all merge together. The open kitchen is a real treat for anyone who enjoys chatting with others while preparing delicious food. Beautiful materials, high-quality kitchen products, and design; all create a harmonious liaison with the dining area and living space and really upgrade the home.

Being a delightfully versatile entity and christened ATLAS, this console is aesthetically pleasing. A statement piece that alleviates the comprehensive vibe of a kitchen, this console and chair merges the imperial and utility facet splendidly. Built with enamor in ‘Statuario’ marble, it is crafted with perfection and boasts of being one of the most precious varieties found in Italy. It has a distinctive veining that ranges from gold to grey. While designing this unique piece of art, the methodology has been kept minimal and special focus has been rendered to the geometric alignment of the console. The advantage of this statement piece is that it is easy to reach from all sides, and thanks to the chair on one side, also ideal for socializing. The chair is bestowed with a metal finish called Bronzo chiaro which adds to the elegance of the whole set up. Some crucial factors like solid back support and durability of both the chair and the console have been carefully contemplated and assimilated.

The kitchen is becoming the hub of the home and is opening up in the process. In keeping with the culinary trend, it’s no longer a closed-off alley; instead, it’s a tempting place for the whole family and its guests. For many people, cooking is a passion that they would love to share with others. Atlas offers a solution whereby the kitchen’s working area is merged with the living areas that fulfil the utility aspect beyond measure.