With the pandemic in full swing, work from home is no longer an optional part of working, it has become mandatory, and possibly the only way to work in a safe environment. It is very hard to get the office environment and mindset in a home, it is hence very important to have a designated space for the office. It should allow the user to work focused and work creatively and work efficiently. 

1. A Room in the Garden by Studio Ben Allen, London, UK

Shaped like an artichoke, this garden studio was designed by London’s Studio Ben Allen and is coloured green inside and out. It is made from a flatpack kit of CNC-cut timber pieces, so it can easily be re-built if the owners move.

2. Garden Studio by Six Four Five A, Toronto, Canada

Oliver Dang, the founder of Toronto architecture firm Six Four Five A, created this workspace for himself modelled on a saltbox shed. The unit was clad in vertical timber strips that were designed to emphasize its asymmetrical roof.

3. The Enchanted Shed by Sue Architekten, Eichgraben, Austria

This garden studio, which doubles as a guest bedroom, was an outhouse that was built in the 1930s. Vienna studio Sue Architekten renovated the structure to accompany a two-story family home in the Austrian town of Eichgraben.

4. Garden Room by Indra Janda, Belgium

White polycarbonate shingles cover the exterior of this garden structure in a pattern that resembles snakeskin. Architect Indra Janda, the co-founder of Ghent-based studio Atelier Janda Vanderghote, designed the project for her parent’s house in northern Belgium.

5. Brexit Bunker by Rise Design Studio, London, UK

Rise Design Studio sunk this sturdy-looking building, designed to be a sanctuary from the UK’s divisive Brexit, into the garden of a house in London. The project is clad it in weathered steel with plywood lining the walls and ceiling inside to provides a surprising contrast to its rough exterior.

6. Brooklyn Garden Studio by Nick Hunt, Brooklyn, USA

Brooklyn architect Nicholas Hunt built this wood-clad studio in his backyard in the Boerum Hill neighbourhood to provide “solitude within the immense landscape of New York City”. It is painted all-white inside and topped with an angled roof covered in grass.

7. The Light Shed by Richard John Andrews, London, UK

London-based architect Richard John Andrews constructed a shed for himself with a sliding glass door so that it is filled with plenty of natural light. It features a desk built into the wall and two office chairs, while the exterior is formed from black, corrugated fibreglass panels.

8. Writer’s Shed by Matt Gibson, Melbourne, Australia

Ivy covers this writer’s retreat in Melbourne in order to camouflage it from its lush surroundings. “Sitting inside at the desk, there’s a certain inherent delight in bunkering down to look out to the garden and house beyond,” said local architect Matt Gibson, who worked on it with landscape designer Ben Scott.

9. Writer’s Studio by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects, Oslo, Norway

Norwegian studio Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects built this two-story structure for a couple in Oslo with an irregular, dark shape to frame certain views. “The clients wanted a space that would allow them to isolate themselves to focus on their writing and work, while at the same time offering a generous view over the surroundings,” the studio said.

10. Garden Gallery by Panovscott, Sydney, Australia

Named Garden Gallery, this project garden office was built by Panovscott with contemporary, white interiors to highlight the creations of a couple in Sydney, Australia. It was built for two artists who wanted a space to create and photograph their work while staying at home.