Architecture has been amazing in India for centuries now. There are many ancient treasured architectural sites in India. But, that is not all India is known for. The nation that produced many contemporary architects including B.V.Doshi, is also filled with beautiful contemporary architecture. Keep scrolling more than one of these projects will leave you awestruck! 

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Internation Airport, Mumbai

2. Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur

3. House on Pali Hill, Mumbai

4. The Park Hotel, Hyderabad

5. KYMF clinic, Bangalore

6. IIM, Ahmedabad

7. Lotus Temple, Delhi

8. Sangath, Ahmedabad

9. The Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, Greater Noida

10. Yellow Train School, Tamil Nadu

11. Wall House, Auroville

12. Soul Garden House, Hyderabad 

13. Cleft House, Nueva Delhi

14. School of Dancing Arches, Bhadran

15. Nureca Inc Offices, Chandigarh

16. The Cardboard Office, Pimpri-Chinchwad

17. The Outdoor Classroom, Pune

18. 079 Stories Center for Arts, Ahmedabad

19. Axis Vanam, Bangalore

20. Kondan Retreat Resort, Pune

21. Tut House, Thoothukudi

22. MISU Restaurant, Bangalore

23. Bellary House, Ballari

24. IHA Residence, Thiruvananthapuram 

25. The House of Greens, Nueva Delhi

26. Pakhaniyil Residence, Chemmad

27. Sangam Elementary School, Bhilwara

28. Pixel House, Ahmedabad

29. Tic-Tac-Toe House, Surat

30. Aranya Farmstay Resort, Sasan Gir

31. Rane Vidyalaya School , Theerampalayam

32. The Hovering Gardens House, Pune

33. Badari Residence, Bangalore

34. Kai Early Learning, Bangalore

35. Treehouse, Coimbatore

36. Verandah House, Ahmedabad


37. Mani Bangalow, Mathura

38. Colorfully Contained Experiences, Bangalore

39. Inside Out House, Bangalore

40. Modernist Coffee, Vadodara

41. Shop no. 851, Chandigarh

42. Krushi Bhawan, Bhubaneshwar