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Designworx encourages architects/students/writers to pitch in articles/blogs/videos or any form of work they find substance in. In our initiative to harbor every single architectural news under the sun, we welcome all forms of contribution suitable for our website and design fraternity as a whole.

If you have contributions and want to share something you can:

  • post it as a comment or message us
  • send it to
  • pitch to the collective to be a regular blogger on our website

Content guidelines –

  • Content relevant to Architects, Spatial designers/ AEC Industry, Consultants & allied product manufactures.
  • Only authentic, original & non-plagiarized pieces of work are acceptable.
  • Articles to be sent in the format of a google doc format. ( only 
  • Profile (250 words) & Picture – for contributors page.
  • Declaration allowing us to edit the article if need be.
  • Pictures (only to be used with credits)

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