Coronavirus Design Competition


Register: MAY/20/2020, Submit: MAY/20/2020, Eligibility: Everyone, professionals, students; individually, teams, Fee: Professionals: 34.99 USD, students: 24.99 USD, Awards: Grand Prize: 1,000 USD

Things aren’t going too well right now. Each new day seems to add to the uncertainty about the immediate and long-term impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether you think that people are overreacting or it is truly a global health emergency, one fact is objectively true: Covid-19 has affected billions of lives: if not physically than economically and mentally. Entire cities in China have been on lockdown for weeks and now Europe faces the same pressures. Behind the news stories that love to flash statistics on infection rates are real people who are uncertain of what this situation will mean for them and their families. They are missing work, school, and life in general. People in quarantine face the psychological and physical effects of isolation. People are separated from their families by international and even local borders. People are discouraged or barred from visiting elderly family members. These damages are real damages; independent of the virus and its potency. The question becomes, what can be done?

This is where design comes in as a gift; it may not be able to produce a vaccine but it can make life possible again. The question is, how and in what way.

Covid-19 has affected billions of lives, of every nationality, if not physically than economically and mentally. Your challenge is to design a way to help people stay healthy; both in body and mind.

Think outside of the box and towards the real challenges: isolation, education, work, and gold ol’ fun. Will you create a unique type of building that can provide a safe place for people in and out of quarantine to hang out? Perhaps it’s some kind of tool or game that helps people avoid depression and anxiety about the situation? The options are endless and the need is great.

What will your answer be?