“A Friend is a need is a friend indeed”

Of course! everyone has their own type of friends in their lives. Do you know the type of friends you will come through when you study architecture?

Lets Know them!

1. The Whatsapp Friend

Sends you the messages and memes during the long work overnights. 

2. The Nagging Friend

Along with Architecture and its struggle, They always nag you every time and never runs out of ideas.

3. The Helping Friend

Always seem to have everything under control and finish their project early, also lend you a hand with your work.

4. The Lending Friend

Not only lends you a hand but also their materials such as their Rotring Pen, Compass…etc. 

5. The Outgoing Friend

Who waits for you to finish your late design studio session to have dinner together. 

6. The All-nighter Friend

That’s a whole other level of friendship. The one you dance with, laugh with and cry with till early dawn.

7. The Wake-me-up-in-10 Friend

A special sub-type of the all-nighter friend.

8. The Ultimate Friend

Sometimes, rarely, you find all of these types in one person.