From the year 1998, the internet Almighty Google started interpreting its doodle to celebrate various national and international festivals along with that it celebrates and architects and designers. Here are a few doodles which shows its celebrations.

2005 June 8th – 138th Birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright

2008 May 17th – 125th Birthday of Walter Gropius

October 30th – 35th Anniversary of Sydney Opera House Opening

2009 November 17th – 105th Birthday of Isamu Noguchi

2010 September 4th – 5th Anniversary of the Bucky Ball

2011 July 12th – 450th Anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral

August 4th – 102nd Birthday of Robert Burle Marx

December 15th – 83rd Birthday of Friedensreich Hundertwasser

2012 March 27th – 126th Birthday of Mies Van der Rohe

April 18th – 75th Birthday of Jan Kaplicky

April 21st – Anniversary of Brasilia

May 27th – Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

2013 January 9th – 150th Anniversary of the Tube

April 3rd – 150th Birthday of Henry van de Velde

May 20th – 125th Anniversary of the Exposición Universal de Barcelona

June 25th – 161st Birthday of Antoni Gaudi

September 4th – 100th Birthday of Kenzo Tange

2014 January 15th – 255th Anniversary of the British Museum

January 27th – 200th Birthday of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc

August 6th – 94th Birthday of Anna Castelli Ferrieri

October 20th – 382nd Birthday of Christopher Wren

2015 March 31st – 126th Anniversary of the Public Opening of the Eiffel Tower

August 5th – 101st Anniversary of the First Electrical Traffic Signal

2016 January 19th – 127th Birthday of Sophie Taeuber-Arp

March 4th – 42nd Anniversary of Rio-Niteroi Bridge opening

May 4th – 100th Birthday of Jane Jacobs

May 31st – First Female Pritzker Prize Winner Zaha Hadid