The inception of the 20th century witnessed the rise of a plethora of styles that adhered to the newfangled design methodology, aided with a muted color tone. A colossal example of the modernist design scheme is the formidable use of the color “White” in the interior as well as the facade of a building. Without being deemed as cluttered or caliginous, the use of a neutral color palette in modern interiors was now reflected in offices, stores, loft apartments, and traditional homes. Its deliberate use gave a heightened perception of space and exuded subtle sophistication. As per color psychology, white reflects full force of the spectrum into the eyes and personifies the virtues of purity, hygiene, and efficiency. Urban Zen combined these influences and trends without strict adherence to any one design philosophy. Managing to impeccably blend the neutral palette styles that are rationalized for today’s taste, Urban Zen comprehensively used neutral colors, especially whites with cool or warm undertones, making for a superlative choice.

Infusing a sense of tranquility, white saturates the function and form of any space under consideration. As a consequence, it makes the design scheme vastly radical and progressive. The ‘House Of Tropics’, is designed on these lines amplifying open spaces with a straight line character infused to create an elegant aura. Private spaces of this luxurious residence, as well as the exterior, have been permeated with this shade that represents integrity. It is the perfect example of a classic, warm and inviting home where the interior interacts with outdoors. Taking a cue from the latest design trends, visual consistency has been substantiated throughout the expanse. The use of a white or neutral color palette is an evergreen trend that exudes a warm and welcoming demeanor when applied in any given area. In another instance, the palette – White, Grey, and Beige repeats itself in unique and interesting patterns in the interiors of ‘Dancing With Nature’. The insides of this residence feel light and airy, regularly punctuated by lush greenery. The use of the color white is predominant in designing this extravagant residence. The ceiling in most spaces is white, accented by subtle cove lighting or statement pendant lighting. The general calm in the surroundings due to the neutral color palette draws unmitigated attention to this pristine built environment. 

Moving on to commercial spaces, the ‘Office at Hyderabad’ has been designed to create a high-performing workplace, with an aim to achieve a hospitable working environment for employees. The dynamism of this contemporary set up is achieved by keeping the majority of the color palette neutral. In the pursuit of a peaceful corporate working environment, the entryway has been kept white. To attain visual collaboration through zoning, the entrance passage is followed by a bright and white reception foyer that leads to meeting pods and conference rooms.

White is adopted, as to be the predominant indicator of a calm and serene environment which yielded a proactive yet low-cost design.

White is a color consistently used with modernist interiors so that the entities and accessories of any given space are the main focus. White merges with almost every color of the spectrum and forms a stunning contrasting look. There is no dearth of inspiration when it comes to searching for those furnishings or flourishes that can set an interior apart. Hence, the use of a neutral color palette in private and commercial spaces has taken the décor business by frenzy. This ‘state of the art’ method incorporated in a variety of ways throughout the design is an instant hit with the public from all spheres.