Idiosyncratic in its basic definition is a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or a distinct recall value that is peculiarly affiliated to a certain individual. It can sometimes be considered a signature as it is uniquely related to the person’s individualistic identity and is hence an unusual attribute.  Luxury is a state of elegance or opulence especially involving great expense.

The surrealism in architecture and built space can be quantified as an idiosyncrasy of the designer. As most architects strive towards creating a niche for themselves in the world that makes gives them an exclusive position in the industry, AUM architects have been thriving and setting the benchmark too high. The aspects of socio-economic and cultural concern paired with the mental image and vision of the client and designer give birth to several ideas that have a solitary and thus idiosyncratic presence and concept. At AUM Architects, the will and perseverance to curate spaces that form landmarks of creativity and individuality are given top priority. Maximum creativity is allowed in a project and the envelope is pushed to the limit to create something that has never been seen or thought of before. 

Idiosyncratic designs are usually surrealistic and give an appearance of a fictionist area where the possibilities are boundless. Hence the opportunity of stretching the realm and the limits of design was evidently available since a long time. But the exploration into those paradigms was restricted for a long time since the technology needed to create such designs were unfortunately not realised. As a result, most of the creations have been left as ideas on paper and not implemented. Credit should be given to those eras for developing these creative ideas. Architecture greats like AUM Architects, with the advent of high level technology and machinery that produces innovative building materials, are trying to accentuate and amplify the quality of design by gaining precious inspiration from the design concepts of the yesteryears. They are consistently and effectively moving towards creating a critical balance between what is trending at the moment and what individuality can be put into the project. The manifestation of idiosyncrasy can be seen in the following projects by AUM Arch:

1. Nine globe 

Located in Mumbai, the 2200 sq. ft. contemplates the company’s profile through its creatively designed interior. A modernist and contemporary entrance design subtly slips a hint of interior decor pattern, the epitome of class exhibited by the inculcation of perfectly shaded furnishing in every area to create the accomplished aura. The three dimensional wall at the entrance lobby has a glass door with the brand logo with the perfect shade and shadows. The entrance lobby then opens up to bright and vibrant reception area with a picturesque globe shape reception desk, the desk provided excellent functionality and aesthetics. The intelligently designed reception desk signifies the sundry clientele the company has across the globe.

2. BC Webwise

This 6000 sq.ft. office space, designed in the heart of Mumbai, is created to reflect an essentially collaborative work environment that triggers motivation and credible efficiency. Incorporating the existing furniture as a part of the scheme, the client desired an immediate representation of the extant office interiors. Overcoming the rigidity of the challenge, the team concocted a layout that blends office ethos with an ingenious finesse of commercial design. Colour inculcated on sturdy columns with a wrap of custom made wallpaper breaks the monotony of traditional office space. The assortment of colors portrayed through the column and a traditional lantern gives the office an offbeat theme while distinguishing it from a regular workspace.

3. Mayfair apartments

Located at Khar, Bandra West, Mumbai, sits a charming and a humble residence, the Mayfair Apartment. Designed by Ar. Manish Dikshit and his team at AUM Architects, the apartment embodies a peaceful modernist and minimalistic design, painting a picture of order and uniformity. It houses a nuclear family of three which calls for a pragmatic design inclusion, thus ‘form follows function’ is meticulously depicted in the ingenuousness of the design. The daughter’s room design is inspired by the classic English nursery, the wall behind the wardrobe is dapped in white and black stripes giving it a contemporary twist. A collage of wooden design patterns presented in a sleek classic look is nailed onto the wardrobe and the dresser. To the far end of the room is the window covered with olive curtains complementing the headrest and fills the room with a graceful natural light.

Hence, with a vision to be effectively idiosyncratic, the idea and aspiration to create marvellous and splendid built spaces and establishments has led the team at AUM Arch to form an iconic stature in the industry.