1. The nervous system table

2. Round street bench 

3. Lamps

4. Veneer lamps 

5. Minimalist table

6. Hive Furniture

Not only is Wood being used prominently for furniture and other products, but wood has also come back in style in architecture. Here are a few examples of beautiful contemporary buildings featuring wood.

1. Giant birds nest, Kenya Safari

The exclusive accommodation has been built alongside a river at the heart of Laikipia, a region that contains a host of safari lodges and camps. offering panoramic rooftop views, the entire nest has been constructed using raw materials, such as farmed wood and tree branches that have been woven together by local community members.

2. Bridgehouse, Canada

Located in Muskoka, Ontario, the Bridge House overlooks the south end of Lake Joseph, one of three large lakes in the region. The house is located on a rock outcrop overlooking the lake and the boathouse and breaks the mold of faux-traditional architecture typical of the region.

3. Aspen Art Museum

Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban designed the new Aspen Art Museum, which opened in the summer of 2014. The building is clad in an innovative woven screen made of Prodema, a wood veneer composed of paper and resin, and the roof’s trusses are constructed of waves of wood.

4. The Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol was designed by architectural firm Jürgen Mayer H. as part of the redevelopment of Seville, Spain’s Plaza de la Incarnation. Touted as the world’s largest wood structure, the pavilion is composed of six mushroom-shaped parasols and is spread across four levels.

5. The Wood Box House / DRTAN LM Architect 

The Wood Box is nestled in the Mansions, an exclusive gated community in Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur. The property is located on a hilltop with commanding city views over a forest of trees. The brief was to design a very special interior for a three-generational family.

6. Extension in Burned Wood Shou Sugi Ban / Clément Bacle Architecte

Extension of a single house in burned wood Shou Sugi Ban. Design of three rooms spread over three levels. This extension takes place on an old building cut from the house already by a pedestrian dead end. The two constructions are connected by a polycarbonate walkway on the first floor. Once the existing frame is removed, the extension is built in a wooden frame with a two-slate roof. The floors of the three levels are made of firewood joists.

7. Wood Court Restaurant / INS Ilaria Nava Studio

The architectural space of the restaurant is made up of unexpected diagonals that forcefully split the shell, opening its most intimate part – a central concave space exposed to the south – to nature, with the wood insinuating itself into the building. And the building, symbiotically, becomes an enveloping form that protects nature and draws the visitor’s eye to connect with it, where the wooden deck becomes the stage for oaks and birch trees.

8. Tsleil–Waututh Admin & Health Centre, North Vancouver, BC

LTA was selected as the successful proponent in a competitive RFP process for this project, which began with a comprehensive Feasibility Study. The Tsleil-Waututh landholding, on a sloping site in North Vancouver with rich natural topography, is 246 acres in area. The Nation wished to develop a Master Plan with a particular focus on a community campus that would serve as the hub of the community’s administration, health, education, governance functions, social services, commercial functions, cultural engagement functions, and security functions to preserve official records and a significant collection of historical artifacts.

9. Amagansett Modular House / MB Architecture

The simplicity of spatial layout and materials were sought to yield compelling and uncluttered rooms while achieving budget goals. As such, the project used the rectilinear geometry of containers, and their inherent structural strengths to guide room layout and structural requirements. The single container housing two bedrooms are placed slightly away from the main building to create courtyard-like outdoor spaces that allow the building to nestle into the sloping landscape while making the small house feel spacious.

10. Shiro House / Kengo Kuma and associates 

A villa on a hill with a warm white theme. Using the white and warm texture of the wood as the main character, we created a gentle yet light space in the green. The hot spring bath is built so that it can be buried in the garden as a separate area.