1. Lighting fixtures

Lighting can make or break a room. Look for innovative pendant lights, floor lamps, etc. They can add an entire aesthetic to a room and elevate it to an entirely new level.

2. Some shine/ shimmer is necessary 

BIing! It is necessary to use some bling in the room. Bling adds another layer, making the room look posh.

3. Use greenery

Greenery is beautiful! Innovative greenery can make a home out of any house. 

4. Decorate the walls

Use wallpaper, paint, or artwork on the walls. 

5. Art is important

Art pieces can make a room look a lot more chic. Make sure the pieces chosen go with the rest of the room.

6. Choose complementary colors

Clashing colours can make a room look loud. It can overwhelm the user. Use colours that go well with each other. Research complementary shades and use appropriately.

7. Don’t be afraid to use mismatched furniture

Mismatched furniture can add an aesthetic. It can make the space very beautiful.

8. Unique furniture is vital

A statement piece is vital to make a room feel unique. 

9. Experiment with DIY projects

Do not be afraid to try DIY projects. These projects add a unique feature in a very inexpensive way.

10. Upgrade the switchboards

Switchboards are such a small feature, but changing them out to something complementary with the rest of the room, makes the room complete in a whole other dimension. 

11. Antiques are always amazing

Antiques are timeless. Go to old school markets to find your diamond in the rough.

12. Use the ceiling

The ceiling is the fifth wall in the room. Use the ceiling to reflect the colors in the room. The ceiling can also use lighting too. 

13. Clutter could be good

Do not be afraid to use multiple places in design. 

14. Feel free to let your creative juices flow

Uniqueness is important. Trust your gut, and do not be afraid to experiment. 

15. Use furniture to make the room look taller or longer

Taller furniture can make a room look taller than it is. Longer furniture also makes a room bigger than it actually is.

16. Floor plan is very important

The placement of furniture is very important. There is need for the sofa to be closer to the coffee table. There is also a need for there needs to be spacing between the furniture. 

17. Upholstery can change the entire look of the furniture

Upholstery is very important in interior design. Use old furniture pieces, change the upholstery, making it look brand new. 

18. Mix metals

Use different shades of metal. Mixed metals make a room look beautiful.

19. Carpets are a must

Carpets give a room a literal facelift. Do not be afraid to use odd shapes, or layer more than one carpet. 

20. Make the most of Natural Light

Natural light is important to make a room look comforting. Use it to the maximum.