Despite new kitchen lines coming up and plenty of creative concept concepts on view around the country in kitchen showrooms, there are plenty of sleek looks and state-of-the-art appliances to choose from.

1. Stone Age

It’s the time for strongly veined marble, the busier the better for luxury and next-level style. If there is one thing that storms the charts of style and shakes up the interiors, it is marble return.

2. Ash Back

Wood is experiencing a bit of a renaissance after out of favor for a while. To bring out the warm tones of manmade earth, using subtle-grained wood, lighter than oak or walnut.

3. Dark Drama

Sometimes forgotten as a mere ‘accent’ tone, black walls, cabinetry, and work surfaces have a moment’s worth. Black is liveable, comfortable, and welcoming, incorporating rustic, homely appeal with textured trees.

4. Colour Pop

Throw the rulebook out of the window with unforeseen paint-color variations. Kitchens are full of possibilities for color, from fixtures and surfaces to window shades and cabinets.

5. Double Islands

By heading into larger kitchens, the kitchen island has become an integral feature of the kitchen in open-plan spaces. A pair of units on the island has been the last luxurious job, a spacious extension for when space is no value.

6. Handleless Desire

The new futuristic trends are all about a paired-back, multi-tasking, free-flowing style. Technological developments in push-open and shut doors mean that handles in both wall and base cabinets have become dispensable. If you choose not to have push-open cupboards, recessed handles give the same streamlined look and complementary colors and materials to add interest.

7. Larder Lover

Larger cupboards also referred to as cupboards, have been kitchen fixtures for decades and have been one of the most popular items in new homes in recent years.

8. Walnut Wonder

We have seen walnut cabinetry rise recently. Makers admire it’s vibrant, dark color, fine grain, and natural warmth for its instant luxury experience.

9. Going For Gold

Now that taps are available in a wide selection of colors and finishes, they also follow sinks. Esthetics has had an effect in wet areas much as they have in the design of furniture and equipment, with color, form, scale, and texture strongly affected by the room’s overall appearance.

10. The Curated Kitchen

While pride in interior decoration takes center stage, we have observed an increase in the selling of glazed cupboards and opening shelving, reflecting an increasing trend for kitchens designed for a ‘curated’ feel. These visual spaces are carefully designed with works of art, decorative ceramics, cookery books, and other curiosities to achieve an instant in appearance.