Other things that architects do – Ar. Shaymi Shah

Shaymi Shah

How has studying architecture helped you?

Studying architecture has helped me in various ways, even personally. It has helped me understand that there are a lot of different ways of looking at one problem. It has helped me take failure as an encouraging tool to move towards success. It has helped me to keep the hope alive and never give up on something that I started, no matter how hard and impossible things seem to be. It made me realize what an important role journey plays in our lives and how it’s only when you really get out there, that inspiration comes to you informs you never could imagine. Most of all, it has helped me express my thoughts and imagination through writing.  

What challenges did you face to step out of architecture?

Architecture definitely comes in with a lot of challenges- there are lots of tiring days and sleepless nights, the need to keep feeling passionate enough not to give up on, the mind space to take criticism and failure every other day, and so on. The main and the biggest challenge is to have the patience to do something over and over again till you get it right. 

Advice to students of architecture 

First and foremost will be to pursue it only if you made the choice and promised yourself to not regret making this choice. It’s going to make you fall over and over again and check if you can still stand up and keep running. It’s going to take a lot of effort and hard work and the amount of times you get a REDO will seem endless but fall in love with the process rather than rushing to the final product. The best part of this profession is the process of design, creating and innovating something that you can call your own but are really making for someone else. You have to have the ability to keep a balanced mind before making any decision while talking to your client. The end-user surely is the most important but keep your integrity intact and make sure your design isn’t compromised.

Don’t look up Pinterest images for inspiration, instead, take a walk around the city or take a chance to travel and see the world around you whenever you can. 

A walk to inspire

Firm Name- Open workspace 

Open Workspace is a learning and sharing platform in Vadodara. It’s a venture for designers to come together, learn, share their experiences, collaborate and form a network. The idea is to build a Design Community. 

The main aspects of Open Workspace are:

  1. Provide a space to work- Individual workstations as well as informal workspace for group work.
  2. Provide a space to host conferences.
  3. Provide a platform for young designers to showcase their work through presentations, lectures, or seminars.
  4. Provide a space to screen movies or documentaries which have insightful content and have discussions regarding the same. 
  5. Provide a space to host or participate in workshops related to art or design etc. (open to artists as well as non-artists)
  6. Provide meeting cubicles to freelancers or startup firms to conduct their meetings in a formal environment. 
  7. Provide a space to celebrate the works of the artists by exhibiting their work.