The world is changing and we have to start adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living. Designed by a retired NY City Paramedic, the Hygiene Hand is made entirely from a solid piece of brass which is inherently antimicrobial, to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks.  

Literally a week and a half ago in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City I went to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription and was asked to use their stylus to sign for the purchase. When I pointed out to the pharmacist that the stylus must be full of germs from all the people picking up prescriptions before me they said they are out of hand sanitizer so I should just wash my hands when I get home. 

As the days went by and the coronavirus spread I became more and more aware how many times I have to touch things that must be full of germs.. elevator buttons, buttons to pay by credit card at stores and gas pumps and of course pulling open doors to public bathrooms. 

I went back to the office and met with my design team and decided we would immediately start designing and prototyping a solution to this problem. 

Since our inception ten years ago by a NY City Paramedic, we have been designing and manufacturing survival and rescue gear for first responders and other government agencies and have grown our portfolio to include innovative designs for all different types of edc (everyday carry) items.  As the world has been gripped by Covid-19, we wanted to use our design and manufacturing ability to come out with a solution to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Our world is EDC and being prepared is a core component.       We are proud to do our part in this pandemic by doing what we do best – designing EDC tools that have real world utility.

Make it part of your EDC ( everyday carry)

We first tried designing the Hygiene hand to be credit card thin for keeping in a wallet but in trials with our brass prototypes we found that the thickness of the stylus tip was not thick enough to register on all retail credit card signing pads we tried. After further research we found that the tip must be thick enough to mimic the point of a finger and found that the .25″ diameter to work perfectly. Since we were already thickening the design up past the comfortable size to be kept in a wallet we decided to add the functionality of a handle puller. 

Initial Design Sketch
Design Process
Prototype Progression

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Risks and challenges

In these trying times it is impossible to fully know what kind of delays and hurdles we might face with production but we are working with a very reputable factory in the United States just a few miles from our Brooklyn office who have all the needed materials on hand and should have no problem completing the production on schedule. Although NY City currently has a work-at-home order in effect, our warehouse is exempt as we supply rescue tools and medical supplies to first responders and other government agencies so we do not expect any fulfillment issues for this campaign. If the local brass factory is affected by any further lockdown restrictions as soon as they are lifted the factory will immediately resume production and since we are located very close to them we won’t experience any shipping delays to our warehouse. We pledge to work as swiftly as possible to fulfill all the rewards around the world as we have done for our previous campaigns. Here is some feedback we received form our previous campaigns: What backers of our previous campaigns have said: “Mine turned up in Saudi Arabia today, lovely little knife, very pleased with it.” – G Strowes – Ledge Campaign “Got all 4 of my knives just a week ago in the UK and absolutely stunning blades. New everyday LEGAL carry. Best knives ever backed and came so quickly as well.” – Andrew French – Ledge Campaign “I received my reward when it was promised and since then I have to say I don’t know why I went for so long without an EDC knife. Your knife is incredible, I’m looking forward to your next campaign.” – Mr. E52s – Slinger Campaign “I have received mine, nicer in real than on the picture. Good job.” – Stephane – Slinger Campaign “Just received my knives and boy am I ecstatic about their design and quality. Nicely sharpened, no play whatsoever in the action. I am extremely satisfied so far, and am proud to be giving one as a Christmas gift. Looking forward to your next project, guys!” – Jonathan – Slinger Campaign “Got mine today. Very happy with the knives. Have forgotten that they are that small. Perfect for my pocket. Thanks guys, very well done.” – Gerhard P.W. – Slinger Campaign “Just got my knife today, they look sharp design wise and sharp out of the box. Engraving is top notch (went with script). I have one that will be a gift and do not think the person will be disappointed in the slightest!” – Pat – Slinger Campaign “The knife arrived in Brazil this week, and it is awesome! It has a very nice grip and weight. Very solid construct. This was an excellent project. Congratulations to the StatGear Team!”- Helder Lavigne – Ausus Campaign “Got my knife just before christmas in switzerland. Great workmanship, looks clunky, but feels good in the hand. Thank you very much” – Dave Striebel – Ausus Campaign “Just got mine in Australia…. it looks sick as!! I can’t wait to use it. So far I just opened some other kickstarter & ebay boxes & bags & it cut like they were butter. Its a bit heavier than I imagined it to be, but that’s fine with me, it proves its solid.” – Christopher McVerry – Ausus Campaign “Thanks statgear. Great successful company’s stand behind what they do!! You guys are great!” – Matt – TriTac Campaign “Just received my pen today! Very, very nice and I’m very, very pleased with it! Thank you!”- Brent Gath – TriTac Campaign “Placed an order for three more pens today. These will make great gifts.”- Harry – TriTac CampaignLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

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