Ar. Himani Ahuja


Ar. Himani Ahuja, Editor-in-Chief of Designworxasia & Founder of One Digital, glorifies the virtues of ingenuity and conscientiousness. Integrated with a tenacity to achieve her goals, it was her dynamism that resulted in the amalgamation of Communications with Architecture. Heading one of the only Architectural Communications firms of India; dedicated to Architects, Interior Designers & allied product brands, she is a celebrated member of the design and communications fraternity.



Nishit Gururani, the man behind Designworxasia & One Digital has provided the inspiration and initiative behind a range of high-profile and award-winning campaigns and strategies for clients, including those in sales, marketing, design and digital technology. Before starting One Digital he was also the Director of Blankspace, which is an eminent name for Architecture events pan India which transformed into a premier mid-sized agency in mere 2 years. It holds events namely Art of Architecture, ArchWorx, FAAA Dialogues, and Art of Design. His prior experience includes heading Architecture & Design events at ACETECH, Decorama Magazine & Design Show, Property Expo etc. He has also curated events with influential industry names like Pepsico, Tiger Sports Management, DIAGEO and Audi India. A leader in himself and an industry influencer, Nishit focuses on rigorous brand-building activities for the firm with his core in business development and sales.

Our Team


Architectural Communications Manager

An architect by training, Har Asis has worked as a Business Development Manager before switching to Architectural Communications. She is responsible for providing holistic solutions for the Architecture and Design domain, generating content and social media activities.  Optimistic, restless, progressive and adventurous, she believes in going the extra mile!


Manager- Public Relations and Business Development

Dual specialised in Marketing and HR and a certified Image Consultant from London, Heena is always up for challenging opportunities. At One Digital, she foresees PR activities, Events and Conferences, curating strategies to synergize knowledge with business. Extremely passionate about her work, Heena believes in following a positive & fair approach in life!


Content Writer

Pursuing her long standing dream of being a writer, Kashish is in charge of cooking up a storm in terms of the content we curate for our architecture & design clients. Being a former student of Interior Design gives her the necessary edge to come up with the righteous design language. Tenacious and driven by emotions, she finds solace in music and books!


Graphic Designer

With over 3 years of experience in the field of Graphic Design, Prasad describes himself as a creative and open-minded person. He visualises traditional practices and impeccably translates them to the digital domain.


Architectural Communications Manager

In her pursuit to explore the diverse field of architecture and design, Shivangi switched to Communications after practicing core architecture for a while. She plays a major role in handling the successful execution of events and conferences. With expertise in architecture, she amicably conducts PR activities for all our clients!


Web Developer

As a Web Developer, Sumit enjoys experimenting with new technology & innovative techniques to curate the finest of websites. His soft speaking skills and sincerity towards work makes him an essential part of our team.


PR and Media Relationship Executive

A Master in Mass Communication with a specialization in Corporate Communications, Vanshikha is responsible for all the core media relationship activities. Immense expertise in this field gives her a clear perspective of what we endorse at One Digital. An extrovert by nature, she enjoys exploring new places and finds inspiration in the most random things!