1. Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Completed in 2010, the Bord Gáis Vitality Theater in Dublin is a precise glass-and-steel structure that houses a 2,000-seat performing expressions focus. The structure is a piece of the Terrific Waterway Business Perplexing, a court planned by Libeskind and flanked by two a greater amount of his tasks, a five-star lodging and a place of business.

2. The Jewish Museum

Located in Berlin,  Germany. The gallery is an expansion of the old Jewish exhibition hall set up in 1933. The primary reason for his structure was to interface individuals with the torments and battles made by the Jewish individuals in Germany. The structure impression was made by deconstructing the star of David. By permitting its structure to wind and crease back in plan, the structure is making patios inside its limits looking like a run of the mill yard design of early structures in Berlin.

3. Federic.C.Hamilton Building

The Expansion to the Denver Workmanship Historical center, The Frederic C. Hamilton Building, is an extension and expansion to the current historical center, structured by the Italian Modeler Gio Ponti. The 146,000-square-foot augmentation, which opened in October 2006, right now houses the Advanced and Contemporary craftsmanship assortments just as the assortments of Maritime and African Workmanship. The Hamilton Building’s structure reviews the pinnacles of the Rough Mountains and geometric stone gems found in the lower regions close to Denver.

4. Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre

The Westside project, a new center for leisure and shopping in Bern-Brünnen, is an urban scale architecture project totaling 1.5 million sq. ft. In addition to the 55 shops, 10 restaurants and bars, hotel, multiplex cinema, fun bath with a wellness center and housing, this mixed-use program radically reinvents the concept of shopping, entertainment, and living.

5. Museum of Military History

Finished in 2011, the extension by Libeskind is a 5-story famous bolt molded wing, made in glass, steel, and cement. Libeskind’s thought was to make a differentiation between the unbending, severe arms stockpile and the new extension, which wedged, straightforward shape unevenly entered the verifiable, murky structure to change it always, both practically and emblematically, just as to check the distinction between old dictatorship and current majority rule government in Germany.