1. Architecture Paradigm

Architects: Manoj Ladhad, Sandeep J , Senthil Kumar

About: Underlying approach to our work is driven by a sense of optimism that it is possible to create environments that make a difference to people\’s lives. Today we live in a world that continues to discover how deeply interconnected and vibrant the environment around is. The process to understand this calls for different faculties and propensities to come together, Leading us to believe in the idea of collaborative and a critical approach to practice.


2. BetweenSpaces

Architects: Pramod Jaiswal

About: BetweenSpaces is an architecture and interior design firm founded in 2010. We operate from our own studio in Bangalore, which has won us the IA&B Young Designers Award 2016 in the Architecture category, NDTV Design and Architecture Awards 2015 for office interior category and IIID Anchor Awards 2015 for small office category.


3. Bhumiputra Architecture

Architects: Alok Shetty

About: At Bhumiputra, we strive to bridge the demands of artistic endeavor, environmental responsibility, functional pragmatics, and financial considerations. As a multidisciplinary firm, we believe that innovations discovered through the process of design and construction can be applied to projects of any scale, use, or purpose.


4. Billimoria Architecture

Architects: Darius Billimoria

About: Billimoria Architects was founded in 2001. We work in the fields of interior design, architecture, residential architecture, and commercial interiors.


5. Biome Environmental Solutions

Architects: Chitra Vishwanath

About: Biome Environmental Solutions is a Bangalore-based design firm focused on ecology, architecture, and water.  The office’s diverse team includes designers, architects, civil and mechanical engineers, and urban planners from various parts of India and abroad.  The designs are undertaken by various members of this team in constant collaboration with each other via group discussions & exchanges and periodic meetings.


6. Cadence Architects

Architects: Narendra Pirgal, Vikram Rajashekar, Smaran Mallesh

About: The design process looks to transcend to obvious and to create a more pleasurable and sensorial experience, buildings that celebrated life and thereby made strong statements, that created a sense of identity not only for themselves but also for their users.


7. CnT Architects

Architects: Narayan Chandavarkar (Late), Prem Chandavarkar Mehul Patel, Vikram Desai.

About: CnT Architects (earlier known as Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects Pvt Ltd.) traces its roots back to being Bangalore’s first architectural firm with its practice founded by the late Mr. Narayan Chandavarkar in 1947. It was reorganized under Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects Pvt. Ltd. in 1963 by Mrs. Tara Chandavarkar and the late Mr. Pesi Thacker. The firm is currently run by Prem Chandavarkar, Mehul Patel and Vikram Desai.


8. Collage Architecture Studio

Architects: Swapnil, Arun, Adwitha

About: A good design is not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away. Architecture is usually mystified and full of theories but COLLAGE strives to keep it extremely simple by responding to the context and integrating nature into the built environment.


9. CollectiveProject

Architects: Cyrus Patel, Eliza Higgins, Akash Moish, Nithin Jois, Muthamma M C, Rajiv Ribeiro, Sheejal Shetty, Urvi Udani, Anmisha Reddy, Anjum Ali, and Shraddha Malhotra

About: CollectiveProject is an architecture and design studio founded in Bangalore, India in 2014. Our investigations occur at multiple scales; from objects and interiors to residential and institutional buildings. Current work includes private residences, residential interiors, hospitality, and institutional projects across South India.


10. Dutta Kaanan & Partners

Architects: Indraneel Dutta, Brinda Kannan

About: DKP is a multi-disciplinary architectural & Interior design practice established in 1984 by SK Dutta. In 1999 the firm was renamed DKA with studios in Bangalore & Kolkata. From 2018 onwards the firm has decided to adopt a partnership model and grow in different verticals as the new partners join in.


11. Dwar Ecodesign

Architects: Sharukh Mistry, Renu Mistry, Rama Srinivasan, Ravi Raju, Shankar Ravi, Kumaresh, Sekaran, Adil Writer

About: One of the primary benefits of owning a plot of land and a stand-alone home is that you can benefit from land appreciation. Historically land appreciation has provided maximum returns in any diversified asset portfolio. Besides, a home is probably the best place for you to secure your wealth.


12. Étendre

Architects: Venkatesh Rama Swamy


The Studio has been practicing experimental and contextual architecture since the past few years and has successfully completed High end individual farmhouses and exclusive villa projects apart from various apartments, corporate and commercial projects.


13. FADD Studio

Architects: Ahmed Mathias, Dhaval Shellugar

About: The world of design is in a constant state of flux; exploring and evolving into and out of new ideas, concepts, trends, and fads. It is also about revisiting older trends that were set decades ago and reinterpreting them in a fresh and contemporary way. So is the philosophy of FADD Studio. While FADD is an acronym for Farah and Dhaval Design, it is also a play on the word ‘fad’.


14. Funktion Design

Architects: Madhusudhan Sridhar


The focus of the practice is to explore new meaning to old typologies with its practical and logical design solutions that have a sensitive dialogue to the larger urban context.


15. Flying Elephant Studio

Architects: Rajesh Renganathan, Iype Chacko

About: Our strength lies in innovative conceptual thinking backed by demonstrated experience, skills and technical expertise to competently translate ideas into reality. The diverse nature, in building type, scale, and geographic location, of commissions secured over the past 21 years gives us a distinct professional versatility.