1. Arun and Associates

Architects: Arun Prasad Prakashan

About: Arun and Associates, a new-generation design practice, was founded in 1998 by architect Arun Prasad Prakashan. With experience in India and South Africa, the firm offers expertise in design of residential, commercial, industrial and public spaces. Our practice takes cognisance of the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary architectural practice and fuses sensitivity with state-of-the-art technology. Space-making is explored within a contextual framework and designs closely follow an intuitive approach.


2. Beads Architects

Architects:  Benny Lee 

About: We are a young innovative team of architects thriving to earn an opportunity to provide the sustainable and space-effective design of buildings in and around Coimbatore.


3. cuboid studio

Architects:  John Antony JR, Kamalahasan Ramaswamy, Merlin Deva Samuel

About: Cuboid Architects – are a team of professionals, each with diverse experience in various fields such as architecture, conservation, interior design, urban design, BIM and project management. We began our operations as a partnership firm in 2003 in India and expanded our operations to the United States in 2016.


4. Davidar and Associates

Architects: Rajkumar Davidar

About: Davidar and Associates are a design firm founded in 1990 by Architect Rajkumar Davidar. Our firm specializes in customization at every level from designing large buildings to designing the smallest furniture inside a room. We create modern or traditional designs and sometimes a mix of the two to cater to the client’s needs.


5. Dharamalingam Associate

Architects: M. Dharmalingam

About: The firm is comprehensively computerized to enhance design and detailing for an intellectual approach and presentation.


6. FTP Architects

Architects: Vignesh

About: Footprints Architect creates alluring and effective spaces while adhering to an exact industry process. We are experts at working alongside a development team through the customary stages of construction, then delivering a construction project in a budget.


7. Ganpathy Architects

Architects:  varun shankar M

About: We’re more maestro in providing the best interior designs, modular kitchen interiors, and building architecture. Here we visualize our client dreams and implement it to the utmost satisfaction of the clients who believe in us. Ganapathy architecture, we have the most skillful persons in designs, interior architecture, and practical solutions with economic, environmental, and social issues involved.


8. Gowtham Housing pvt Ltd

Architects: Gugan Ilango

About: Gowtham Housing, is a 3 decade old professionally managed leading real estate, company in Coimbatore. Inspired by the objective to provide ideal residential and commercial areas with recreational facilities and to create an environment that enhances the quality of our lives.


9. Icon Design Studio

Architects: Architect Prabhakar

About: CON design studio, one of the leading Architecture, Interior Design, and landscape design firm based in Coimbatore, India, was established by Architect Prabhakar in the year 2001.


10. Jeyakumar Associates

Architects: Jeyakumar

About: Jeyakumar Associates is a private Architectural firm offering professional Landscape Design Consultancy, Site Planning, Environmental Planning, Comprehensive Landscape Development Plans, Landscape Conservation, Ecological Planning, etc.


11. JV Group of Companies

Architects: Dr. R. Lingaraj 

 About: JV Group of Companies is a combination of JV Promotors, JV Fabbs, and Ideas Interiors. We provide services from identifying the property until the interior design for your building. Services Provided For: Residences, Corporate Offices, Shopping Complexes, Hotels


12. Karthigeeta Associates

Architects: Karthikeyan, Geetha Rani

About: Established in 1990, Karethigeeta and Associates is a multidisciplinary firm that deals with Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, and Engineering. Our team has work experiences in India and France. Our work associations extend to South Korea, France, and the UK.


13. Keromiyons

Architects: Aravindhan. U

About: KEROMIYONS Architectonics lab n Studio works [KALS] is a professional, young, creative and dynamic Architectural Team, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with multifaced approach and innovative design ideas. Mr. Aravindhan. U, Chief Architect is a member of the Council of Architecture and is a Masters Degree holder in Digital Architecture.



14. Luxen Architects

Architects: M. Kumar

About: Luxen Architects is the best well-experienced landscape architect, architectural, and interior design company in Coimbatore.


15. Mahesh Architects

Architects: Mahesh

About: At Mahesh Architects we provide building services to clients who value diligence, resourcefulness, and creativity in a partner. We maintain a network of offices in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Tirupur, with a staff of 60 employees who work on more than 50 projects each year. We are able to offer clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization.