A living room is the heart of any residence. It is the place where you gofrom engaging with guests to luxuriate alone after a long day. The living room is one of the most multifaceted spaces in any residence. The design of a living room should illustrate an inhabitant’s character and it’s the initial place where a designer starts communicating with the theme of the entire residence.

Living rooms vary from one house to another; for some, they are extremely formal, reserved to entertain guests, for others, they become informal, a degage place worth savoring. Hence, it’s overwhelming to choose exemplary themes and ideal furniture to bring forth functionality and tranquillity throughout a house. It proves out to be a multidimensional process. AUM Architects, believe in designing spaces with a minimalistic modern approach to amalgamate the interests of the client; while valuing traditions to impart a redefining design.

There are various attributes that a designer needs to gaze upon before finalizing the decor and design of a living room space including:


While designing a living room, the choice of furniture is of prime importance as the furniture may define the schema of the room. One of the projects, entitled The Art Deco Residence Mumbai portrays a living room with a Sherbet colored wall that leads the way into a rich and bold décor. Indulged in quaint colors of rose and amalgamated with bold geometry, decadent detail work, framed mural, metal finished furniture and the layered rug; brings out the aspects of art deco style in the living room which celebrates the aura of the scheme. The furniture’s bold fabric in the living room complements the palette of walls and curtains having a chevron pattern harmonizes the appearance. The center table in living space highlighting the straight lines and bold geometry mixed with rustic gold finish adds to the room which is filled with art deco décor.

Find a focal point

Every living room has a focal point, be it a dominant wall, television, artwork or fireplace. The project Sn House portrays a simplistic environment where the marble cladding on the wall serves as the focal facet, the veins of the marble create an intricate pattern spread across the wall, boasting of an ascendent aura.

Color Palette

Color is the most crucial aspect of a design. While perceptions of color are subjective, some colors cater to the universal regime of human psychology. A timeless palette would consist of neutrals colors such as white, grey, cream, beige and navy. Ekta residence by team AUM encompasses of expressive colors such as orange, red and yellow which invoke excitement and energy while bestowing a soothing persona in the bedroom.