Vastu for Bedrooms

A room is the most happening place in the house where you can unwind, relax, sleep for hours, watch TV and enjoy family time. With expanding lifestyles on the horizon, people love to structure their home as per their choice. Numerous individuals who can’t plan their homes frequently love to orchestrate their room as indicated by their taste and inclination.  In the past, houses used to be enormous and open with verandahs and corridors. With development, individuals lean toward building little and clean houses which look engaging with little rooms and decent arrangements.

According to the residential architects in Mumbai, building the master bedroom as indicated by the guidelines of Vastu Shastra brings wellbeing, bliss and riches in the house. With the expanding prevalence of Vastu Shastra, individuals have begun keeping certain guidelines for the room which makes the room an ecstatic spot to remain in. Aum architects, best Residential interior designers in Mumbai, swear by a large number of advantages of the development of the main room as per the standards of Vastu Shastra, which are as follows: 

• Attracts Positive energies

• Balance the progression of energies

• Increase the inflow of cash

• Make connections agreeable

• Strengthen the bond among the individuals from the family

• Encourages Peace of brain

• Make life secure

As per interior decorators of mumbai, here are a portion of the standards in Vastu Shastra for the Master Bedroom, follow the beneath given tips and make your home a positive and loving spot.

1.       Room Placement: according to the Vastu Shastra, the main room must be in the south-west course, and the leader of the family should use that room. On the off chance that the house is multi-story, the best heading is toward the south-west on the highest floor, and it must be greater than some other room in the house.

2.       Placement for the Bed: There is always a bed in the room, and with regards to the main room, individuals for the most part take care of an extra-large bed to make it more relaxing for the body. As indicated by Vastu, the ideal spot to keep the bed is the south or west mass of the room keeping in mind that the head lies the south or west way and the legs are north or east.

3.       Direction of the body while resting or sleeping: Vastu Shastra likewise gives a few rules on the most proficient method to rest in the room.

4.       Legs towards East: Sleeping with legs on the east side brings the name, notoriety and extravagance to the family.

5.       Legs on the west side: Many individuals have a propensity for laying down with legs on the west side, well, for those Vastu benefits spirituality, mental agreement and harmony to life.

6.       Legs towards North: If an individual lay down with legs on the north side, thriving and richness follow.

7.       Avoid Southside: Vastu Shastra says that it is in every case that it is best to abstain from laying down with legs in the south direction as it will prompt terrible dreams, heaviness in mind and chest, awful musings and awful rest. South heading is known to be the side of the Lord of death and dozing in that side increments mental pressure, uneasiness issues, mental maladies and early passing.

8.       Avoid corners for the bed: The absolutely right place for a bed is centre. Numerous individuals think that it’s simple to put the bed in the corners for what it’s worth close to charging points but as per Vastu, corners are viewed as unsatisfactory. Indeed, the main room should just be utilized by wedded couples as it reinforces the connections and acquiesces concordance to the family.

9.       Direction for the dressing room: Nowadays, there are changing rooms, washrooms and dressers appended to the room. The best spot for these rooms is the west or north side of the room. Likewise, the washroom ought not straightforwardly face the bed, and the entryway of the restroom must be shut constantly.

10.   Entrance to the Room: Make sure the passageway of the room is on the east, west or north side of the dividers. Maintain a strategic distance from south bearing, and there must be a solitary entryway for the passage which must be smooth enough that doesn’t make any clamor while opening or shutting.