Books will never go out of fashion. In spite of having multitudes of screens, the enjoyment of a book is never diminished. One can never feel the satisfaction felt from a book from its audio or digital forms. The pleasure of reading a beautiful book in a silent comfortable space is truly amazing. Here are 10 beautifully designed libraries that you would never want to leave. 

1. Erasmus University Rotterdam Library, The Netherlands by Defesche Van Den Putte Architecture + Urbanism

This beautiful brutalist building is designed to encourage openness. The building is designed with simplicity in mind and introduces transparency throughout the floor plan. All the materials and interventions were specifically designed to enhance harmony and spaciousness. 

2. Manhattan Beach Public Library, US by HED

This library was constructed to give the users a panoramic view of the beautiful beach. The architects also focused on reducing the heat gain inside the building thus reducing maintenance costs. 

3. Xiangmi Park Science Library, China by MLA+

This library is surrounded by local flora and fauna making it a landmark in the concrete jungle. The library accentuates the nature around it.  Rather than being an intrusion, they are devices that reveal some of the qualities of the local natural environment. In doing so, they stand in the tradition of classical Chinese garden architecture and at the same time they are activators in a contemporary and accessible new open park.

4. Pierre Veilletet Library, France by atelier d’architetcure King Kong

This library was part of the urban landscape development program. This building plays a very important role in connecting two of this city’s busiest public spaces. This building is a true square making the roof an effective 5th wall, which is converted into an eloquent urban landmark.

5. University Library Cologne, Germany by Andreas Schuring Architects

The library is designed with the idea of order and freedom. This bright and open library is incredibly inviting to anyone who sees the building. The transactions between the different spaces including the inner courtyard are fluid and overlapping. The floor plan is designed as an open floorplan but it has curtains that make for a more private setting if need be. 

6. LA BIB of Dunkerque Library, France by D’Houndt+Bajart Architects and Associates

This library revolves around the concept of indoor landscaping. The architects played with gloss, matte, and pastel clours in the interiors of this library. They have some large opening on the walls to allow for a good daylighting too. 

7. Parks Library, Australia by JPE Design Studio

This place was designed to be welcoming for people to relax, read, and learn. This design defies the norms of a library by having a literal park in the library. The architects drove to connect the people with nature in every way and form.

8. Charles Library at Temple University, the US by Snohetta

This building is situated between two major pedestrian pathways. The generous plazas that slope up to the library entrances, not only inviting people in but also providing space for outdoor classrooms and informal gatherings. Grand wooden arched entrances cut into the stone volume and announce a welcoming point of entry. The building is carefully tuned to both standout and merge into its surroundings.

9. Chunfengxixi Reading Club, China by FON Studio

This building fulfills the extreme need for a public reading space in an urban scenario. Space uses a very soft color palette and design to make a relaxing reading space. They use darker furniture to counterbalance the light-colored walls. 

10. Carnegie Mellon University Sorrells Library, US by GBBN

The design uses sustainable material to create a deeper more everlasting impact. The bamboo pieces become the highlight of the design bringing a much-needed warmth to an otherwise cool space. The library allows for users to study or read individually, but it also provides areas where the students are study together and even have discussions with disturbing others.