architectural concept drawing with house plan blueprints

Drawings are the creative language that all architects use. From a more informal sketch to a full set of architectural and working drawings, each and every drawing is immensely important. They represent the project to the client and also show the vendors the minute details as well:-

1. Plans

There is a multitude of plans that need to be drawn before and during the execution of a project. They are hands down the most informative and one of the most important drawings that are made for a project. They show the different levels, the sizes, and the details.

Site Plan

Foundation Plans

Floor Plans

Ceiling Plans

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Plans

Roof Framing Plan

Flooring Plans

Window and Door Schedule

Other Detail Plans

2. Sections

Sections are even more important than floor plans. Sections help the viewer orient with the site and the different levels of the building.

3. Elevations

Elevations show us how the building looks from each direction. These drawings show different materials and different textures and colors.

4. Conceptual

These are probably the first set of drawings that any architect makes for the project. These convey the idea in the architects brain to the client.

5. 3D Drawings

These show the final outlook and most importantly the scale. 

6. Renderings

Renderings show the feel of how the final product would look. These drawings are the most effective is giving the client experience of what the architect is trying to achieve.

7. Sketches

These are a quick and easy way to explain the details and layers either to the vendor or client. These are pivotal to make anyone understands the entirety of the details in the architect’s brains. These are effective ways of quick communication allowing to make the designs on-site.

8. Landscape drawings