Cafes have long since changed from spaces of gossip to an integrated space of interaction. Not only have cafes become meeting points for many startups, but a lot of work from home employees choose to work in cafes. Having to accommodate a multitude of functions, cafes are meticulously difficult to design. But, despite that fact, here are a few cafes that are designed to accommodate every function, with style. 

1. Modernist Coffee, India by The Crossboundaries

The brand’s idea was to mingle spaces, people, and coffee. This cafe was to be conceived as a modern crossroads where culture seamlessly merges with art and public life. 

2. Chongming Island Cafe, China by Origin Architecture

This glass cafe is supported by a lightweight steel structure. The cafe uses multiple light wells and indoor, outdoor garden spaces, in the cafe. This alluring cafe brings an exotic atmosphere to a rural area with the use of modernism.

3. Melk Cafe, Canada by La Firme + Alexandre Baldwin

The aesthetically designed cafe emphasizes the timelessness of raw materials within a limited palette. The small cafe uses a line-style approach, putting sleek machines on display. The light paint, raw concrete, atypical use of ceramics, and wooden accents make the cafe a delight to visit.

4. Whale Island Cafe, South Korea by Design Lab so S.O Architects

This cafe is situated on an island and has a fantastic and amazingly unique view in each direction. The architects have ensured a view from each direction this making the place 4 fold entertaining. 

5. Neon Bakery & Coffee, Greece by Studio 2Pi Architecture

The walls are clad with wavy perforated Aluminium Sheets. The designers wanted to reduce the number of geometrical forms that are noticed at first glance. This was a conscious effort to maximize the existing volume interiors. 

6. Deco Temple, Saudi Arabia by AZAZ Architects

The coffee in Saudi Arabia is well-rooted in their local culture. This space was designed to give modern-day coffee seekers a spiritual experience of their culture. The central column is the center of the design. The architects bring in the local sanctity with the help of the traditional arches and a mud finishing. 

7. Buna Santoria Coffee Shop, Mexico by Taller ADG

Space was inspired by warm Italian trattorias. The tilting vault shape which generates a curved wall brings personality into the small but cozy shop. The concrete central design merges rustic with minimalist seamlessly while complimenting the Italian origin of the shop.

8. Cafe in Ujina, Japan by IGArchitects

This cafe focus on gathering people under one roof. The whole design revolves around this very ides. The architect uses a large tree right in the center of the floorplan to bring in green in an otherwise concrete jungle. The glass is used to merge the inside with the outside allowing the users to experience the surroundings to the fullest.

9. Character Cafe & Gallery, Iran by OJAN Design Studio

This Beautiful cafe is divided into 2 distinct parts, the inside, and the outside. The INside uses exposed concrete walls with arches and wooden flooring to make a cosy and aesthetic space. The outside creates an entirely different vibe, The outside seating is surrounded by water bodies, thus making this cafe the pinnacle of uniqueness. 

10. Cafe Infinity, India by RJDL

This uniquely designed coffee shop uses different levels to create an everlasting impact. The cafe was designed to stand out thanks to its form and position, thus breaking the rigidity of the existing site. The landscape complements the industrial nature of the architecture, but also promotes activity, and consequently, vibrancy to the entirety of the site.