With the growing population, the need for different kinds of buildings also increases. Though there is a huge need for multiple constructions with multiple uses, it is impossible to find the land required for these multitudes of buildings. This paved way for mixed-use buildings. Here are a few buildings where the designers and architects who went above and beyond to make amazing mixed-use buildings.

1. Wasl Tower, Dubai

This high rise tower has the world’s tallest ceramic facade. This 300-meter tall building adopts a classic contrapposto movement. This building is embedded with multiple sustainable features. This tower will have has a hotel with 0ver 250+ beds, residences, offices, and shopping malls. 

2. Weenapoint, The Netherlands

This mixed-use building had office spaces, a life-filled commercial plinth, and up to 300 residential units. This is a dual tower model, doused in greenery, and is entirely sustainable. The building articulates its program elements into 3 volumes of individual character and expression but united through a gridded language and high sustainability targets.

3. Markthal, The Netherlands

This innovatively designed building includes a huge market floor on the ground floor under an arch of apartments. Its shape, its colorful interior, and the height turn this building into a unique spectacle. Uniqueness is not only obvious in its shape and size, but also in the way the different functions are combined. The combination of an apartment building covering a fresh food market with food shops, restaurants, a supermarket, and underground parking is one of a kind, done nowhere else in the world.

4. The World Trade Center, San Marino 

The World Trade Centre in San Marino will provide living and working accommodation for the local population, but more importantly will create an exciting new public space served by shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is more than a single building – it is a catalyst for urban regeneration.

5. The One, Canada

The building includes a new luxury boutique hotel. It will take up ten levels of the tower and will have 200 rooms featuring creative and sophisticated accommodation. It also has a 600 parking space area. There are also multiple levels of restaurants and in addition to that, there are shopping areas. 

6. Comcast Technology Center, United Stated

This building houses loft-like workspaces. This also has shops, bars, and restaurants. The top 12 floors also have a Four Seasons hotel. 

7. Index Tower, Dubai

This building is entirely climate responsive. It houses residential, commercial, and social areas. The entrance is via a dramatic four-story atrium and the tower sites on a landscaped podium, which provides shaded pedestrian routes through the site and a range of places to eat, shop and socialize.

8. Jameson House, Canada

Combining the restoration of heritage buildings with new construction, the main objective of the architect was to integrate the lower level offices and shops with the existing streetscape to reinvigorate the downtown neighborhood. In doing so they allowed the apartments above to enjoy dramatic views of the bay. This building created a change in the city’s skyline.