While there’s  an “I” in the virus, it ends with “US.”

Constantly striving to be the torchbearers in the communication design industry – One Digital is a team of creative conceptualizers who work towards engaging the audience with the brands by creating cohesive brand strategies. It brings together the techniques, talent, and technologies for Architects, Designers, Hospitality players and Manufacturers in the allied industries. 

In these testing times, as a PR and Communications firm, One Digital feels it is their prerogative to spread the right information through the right tools. As the entire world is gripped by the ‘CORONA’ pandemic, it is important to create awareness in the form of infographics and videos that impart correct facts. The first step by One Digital to combat this was -channelizing their client’s marketing and social media branding. The educational messages posted on their media handles would not only help create awareness but also directly aid the brand to connect with its audience. Rather than promoting their projects they are currently pursuing graphics around ‘Corona’ and giving out a positive and reassuring message to all their followers.

The next step was to implement necessary actions concerning the well being of their employees. Taking utmost care, One Digital initiated ‘Work from Home’ and have provided ample assistance to their out stationed employees. In this time of adversity, they haven’t skipped a single day to come up with relevant content in the form of daily updates on various social media platforms. Ar. Himani Ahuja, Founder of One Digital, feels “It is the collective responsibility of the citizens of India to take all precautionary measures”. She urges everyone to practice ‘Self Quarantine’ and has been running the office from home. According to her- “Everyone needs to take this seriously. I still see people talking about it casually and going about regular business as usual. We need to stay home, avoid crowded places, build immunity and help people around us that may be sick.” One Digital is constantly on the lookout for verified information and has compiled a To-Do list to protect ourselves and others from being exposed to this virus-

  • WASH YOUR HANDS: It is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and others.
  • COUGH/SNEEZE INTO YOUR ELBOW: Dab when you cough|| Dab when you sneeze|| Dab to beat coronavirus
  • DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE: It is a quirk of human nature that we touch our eyes, nose, and mouths all day long. It is a major way we pick up infections like coronavirus
  • STAY MORE THAN 6 FEET AWAY FROM OTHERS: Try not to be in contact with other people so you don’t transmit the virus.
  • STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK: Social distancing can make a radical difference in our efforts to slow down the transmission & flatten the curve of infection

It is perfectly normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis. Talking to people you trust can help, such as friends and family or your fellow community. These fretful and unusual times bring unforeseen struggles but the best of human nature can rise to the challenge. Now is the time for us to be proactive about creating little moments of happiness. Amidst these dark clouds that hover on all of humanity, it is up to us to find the silver lining and foster positive emotions. 

This time of isolation can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish long-forgotten goals for oneself. Few tips for a feel-good time at home are as follows:

1. A great time to reflect on life.

2. Take breaks from the news unfurling negativity and myths. Look for reliable sources of information.

3. Buy only the necessary things.

4. Continue your work at home.

5. Find quality time for family.

6. Learn a skill.

7. Talk on the phone and reconnect with loved ones.

8. Stop reading WhatsApp forwards spreading false information.

We have the potential to influence our own families and friends alike and together we can make a better world. Remember, we’re in it together!