Highschools are meticulously difficult to design. Not only are there multiple functions, but they also house a lot of teenagers. It is important for the high school to be inviting for the students, but also give then a place to express their creativity and positively use their excessive energy. Here are a few uniquely designed high school, where the architects went above and beyond in terms of design.

1. The Vibeeng School, Denmark by Arkitema Architects

This beautiful building has integrated sustainability and pedagogy to make a low energy school. The playful red facade and the sloped roof allow for the installation of solar panels, contributing to the low energy status. The design’s relationship with playfulness, nature, and light creates a stimulating learning environment. 

2. Lusitania Paz de Colombis School, Colombia by Camilo Avellaneda

Placed next to a major ecological pocket of the city, this beautifully crafted building works as a public school. There are different spacial atmospheres in and around the building generating multiple possibilities for the development of outdoor and indoor activities.

3. Jean Moulin High School, France by Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture

The building was designed to keep the relationship with the natural environment as a primary concern. The building developed with the landscape, merging it with the structure. The classrooms have a panoramic view thus providing a good amount of daylight.

4. Akademia High School, Poland by Medusagroup

This building was designed to create a lively atmosphere, bringing the students and teachers together, encouraging them to stay at school after hours. The central schoolyard issues as an anchoring point, it also becomes a place where the students go to get inspired. 

5. Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Thailand by Plan Architect

This school consists of three separate buildings, each with a specific function. The administrative building creates a warm welcoming space, with wide openings. This building also consists of most extracurricular facilities. 

6. Voss High School, Norway by Nordic Office of Architecture + AART architects

This school is spectacularly designed to create an inspiring learning environment bathed in light with fantastic views of the surrounding landscape. The architects aimed to stimulate the students with the help of natural and daylighting and the generous timber cladding on the inside and the outside.

7. High School Crinkled Wall, Austria by Wiesflecker Architecture

The school has a generously planned entrance area that leads up to the inner courtyard. The shear wall on the southeast facade was made into the distinguishing artistic element of the structure, the “crinkled wall” a three-dimensional concrete structure.

 8. Ada Lovelace Secondary School, France by A+Architetcure

This school is a sustainably built and environmentally friendly structure. Almost all materials used were locally sourced, and the roof is installed with solar panels adding further to the sustainability factor. The use of rectilinear windows at different heights lets an immense amount of daylight into each and every room. 

9. Marcel Sembat High School, France by archi5 + B Huidobro

This school is split into two parts separated by a street and connected by a bridge. The site is bordered by a public park, the building seamlessly connects with the park with the help of the wavy design of the vegetated roof.

10. Lychee Francais Theodore Monod, Mauritania by Segond-Huyon Architectes

The project was developed by working on the creation of voids and circulation and the relationship between the built and natural environment. The building uses the sun path and the wind in its favor, creating a stimulating learning environment. All buildings reinforce the natural ventilation and daylight, achieving thermal comfort.