Vastu for Toilets

According to Indian science, Vastu Shastra deals  with harmony and prosperous living which enhances positive energies all around us. It leads to construction of rooms in right directions and placements. Apart from all the designated spaces, toilets are considered as a major source of negative energies. We generally neglect and compromise on the designing and layout of washrooms. Manish Dikshit, a well-known architect in Mumbai believes that toilets are those areas where negative and evil vibrations reside which can lead the way to unpleasant happenings in the house. Therefore, constructing toilets using Vastu is essential to avoid any hindrance in health, happiness and wealth of the family.

Aum Architects, amongst the top interior designers in Mumbai adhere to the rules of Vastu in terms of cleanliness in every corner of the house, peculiarly the place where one bathes and cleans himself daily. The appropriate location for the designing of a toilet is in the west when attached to the particular room or NW suits best if it is detached from the bedroom. Keeping in mind, to avoid the east or north direction. For the penetration of required sunlight and ventilation a small window in the bathroom is necessary.

The designated spaces for washrooms should not be adjacent to the puja room, kitchen and under the stairs. Installation of mirrors must be done on north and east walls. Adding more to it, a water closet under or above the puja room should be avoided and should be placed in the west or south direction of the toilet. Ensuring the specified directions can lead to a better and harmonious place to live.

With the changing generations, people tend to spend some legible time in washrooms to be with their thoughts and imagination. Adding to it, the location of such areas should be in accord with the Vastu for the enlightenment of the individual. With placement of various aspects like septic tanks of the house should be in NW direction and the door of bathroom should be in North or East direction in order to manifest peace and harmony in the house. Also, bathroom tiles can be in white, light tones of blue and green aid in peace of mind as color affects our psychology.

Aum Architects truly believes the fact that Vastu for toilets and washrooms deserves significant awareness, as this is the crucial space in the house which can generate maximum energy and thus is required to be planned accordingly.